The Doris is able to open its doors everyday because volunteers make time in their lives to support the center in small and big ways.  Because The Doris is still young and growing, there is a multitude of needs, including:

Staff the Reception Desk, for a regular weekly shift or to substitute as needed
Assist with events, such as part of the reception committee or assisting musicians
Assist with promotion
Share graphic design expertise
Share public relations/marketing expertise
Create an online Doris sales site (Etsy, etc.)
Assist with gallery installations
Serve on monthly Art Walk Reception Committee
Solicit musicians for Art Walk
Present to area organizations
Help develop new classes/workshops
Print and distribute materials  
Assist with classes & workshops
Assist with fundraising events and activities
Assist with the Doris Gift Shop
Maintain the supply cabinet & storage closet
Organize or join a Doris cleaning crew
Lawn & parking lot clean up
Help with Building Maintenance, painting, minor carpentry and other repairs, etc.

Volunteer by phone or by dropping by the Doris. Call 352-505-5062


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