Turbado Marabou


Turbado (Born James C. Miller) is originally from Gainesville, Florida. He studied at Florida A&M University under Prof. KennethFalana where he received his B.S. Degree. He received his M.F.A. in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the late Prof. Dean Meeker. As Art Director of the Memorial Union, Turbado created the first African Continuum project that spearheaded several other programs and gave recognition to cultural groups previously ignored. He received the Porter Butts Award for Outstanding Talents in the Arts at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

After receiving his M.F.A. Turbado moved to Chicago, Illinois where he was involved in several lead mural and mosaic projects through Chicago Public Art Group. He continues his work today as a practicing Artist and and community and cultural arts advocate. Turbado currently resides in the Gainesville Florida’s Peasant Street Historical District where he is a printmaking instructor and Artist in Residence at The Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center and gallery continuing to promote Art for Life’s Sake.