Lauren Faust

Lauren Faust grew up in Madison, WI.  She found her love for ceramics at a young age during her high school years with the help of her teacher and mentor Randy Becker.  She is interested in storytelling, costume and fantasy.  Lauren asks questions about human natures desire to escape reality and ideas about desire and satisfaction at their basic level when developing concepts for her work.  She is interested in nature and history and uses costume, fantasy, coral reefs, butterflies, moths and Ancient Egypt as visual resources when creating her work.  She has a great passion for travel and has been around the country and to various countries around the world which influences her work and provides inspiration.  Lauren received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics in 2007 at the University of Wisconsin of Eau Claire and in 2009 she attended the University of Florida as a post-baccalaureate student for three semesters.   Lauren recently earned a position as one of the resident artists at The Doris where she will be working on a new body of work and teaching classes.