Jazz Bandits to Perform @The Doris Dec 7

A diverse group of friends, brought together by their love of playing jazz, the Jazz Bandits have been playing together for over 5 years. They play jazz standards of all eras, from Take the A Train to Blue Monk. Kali Blount’s passionate vocals and the wailing trombone of Brian Stevens give their performances a soulful quality. Ryan Allen contributes solid beats, and quirky turns with drum, vocals, and occasional harmonica or guitar. Pianist Emily Humphreys-Beher, adds unpredictable notes with finesse and occasional dissonance to create excitement and interest in her original compositions. Jackie Davis on bass anchors the band with pulsing bass lines and reflective solos.A multi-instrumentalist, Mary Fukuyama soars with her flute lines and provides jazz-folk interest on accordion and melodica. They are regulars at Lightnin’ Salvage (behind Satchel’s Pizza), where the crowd of all ages is often dancing in the aisles. Jazz Bandits want to steal your heart!


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